As the owner of Summit Nutrition, a personalized nutrition coaching company, Jourdan became challenged by her clients relying on mainstream protein bars. Living in a world of convenience, protein bars are easy, however, these marketed "healthy options" clients were consuming were basically Snickers with added protein. Something had to be change and in the great words of Rachel Hollis: "If it doesn't exist, create it." 

Jourdan's background in nutrition stems from passion. Not just the passion to teach, but the passion to empower (you can read her story by clicking here). The Ace bar started with a piece of paper and pen. Jourdan wanted to created an optimal carb, protein, fat ratio that would fuel consumers. A good tasting bar can be made easily. However, a healthy AND good tasting bar, that is a different story. With a list of approved ingredients and a few equations, the Ace bar looked good on paper, but now had to be put into action! 

After dozens of attempts at forming an edible product, the "original" Ace bar was created in Jourdan's kitchen. To make a long story short, the bar was not shelf stable, meaning it had to be stored in the refrigerator. In order to reach a greater population and make this dream reality, the Ace bar had to be on shelves. With a team of great food scientists, 2 years of formulation, trial, error and just about every obstacle you could think of, what didn't exist finally was successfully created; a bar made from whole foods with low sugar and high protein. 

Jourdan made over 4,000 original bars out of her home during that 2 years. She could not be more excited to finally start making an impact on the lives of others in a way outside of her personalized nutrition services. Our bodies are fueled by good food and it is where our energy radiates. 

Thank you to everyone for your support from day one! Now go "ACE your nutrition!"


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